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A "make yourself" pinball crafting game inspired by Minecraft (thanks, Notch!).

How to use Sensors and Doors

In this post we’re going to talk about two items used to create doors. These doors can be activated and lock lanes, scoring areas and what comes into your head: Sensors and Doors.

PinballCraft objects: Sensors and Doors from PinballCraft on Vimeo.

Start up

A sensor is a small light item. When the ball strikes a sensor, it deactivates items with its same colour. Then, it will remain off for a few seconds. After that, it will start working again and will activate all the items with its same colour as well.

A Door is an item which blocks the ball’s way. When a sensor with the same colour as a door is deactivated, the door is deactivated as well so the ball can continue its way. The door will remain inactive until all the sensors with its same colour start working again.

These Sensors and Doors are available in purple, green or red.


The main use of these items is to lock lanes until the ball goes through a specific place. Let’s see some examples.

Locking lanes

In this image we can see that some B sensors need being previously deactivated to access tunnel A.

Double and triple lock

We can get more difficult to open locks by mixing purple, green and red sensors and doors.

For example, in the following image we can see that we need to deactivate two sensors almost simultaneously to access the tunnel.

One-way lanes

If we only place sensors in one side of the doors, we will get a one-way lane:

No doubt we will soon see your creations with an amazing use of these objects!


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