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A "make yourself" pinball crafting game inspired by Minecraft (thanks, Notch!).

Things to bear in mind when building a table

There you go some tips to bear in mind when you are building a table:

Ball Launcher items

If you want that the ball appears in a specific place on your table, you have to use the Ball Launcher. To get this item you will need two flippers. You just have to mix them as follows to get a ball launcher item:

When you place this type of item on the pinball table, each of the three balls available per game will start from where the ball launcher is.

Even more, if you place several ball launchers, the ball will appear at random from one of them. This may make every game totally different!

End Points items

A pinball table won’t be completed without one or several end-of-ball points (End Points items).

PinballCraft object: The End Point from PinballCraft on Vimeo.

Every time the ball clips one of these points, it will be over (remember we have three balls for each game) and the game will continue with a new one. So it is a good idea to put these items in strategic places, which add some difficulty to your table so it can be a challenge for players.

A good place to put these items may be, for example, as the traditional pinball games: next to two flippers (see picture)

Making an intelligent use of these items may offer a lot of possibilities!


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